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Friday, March 6, 2009

About Us - A True Classic Tale

Our ClassicTale...

Once upon a time, in the noble Kingdom of Wash Ington there was a castle. This charming, little castle sat snuggly on a hill overlooking a dancing, blue bay. And in this castle there lived a princess, Princess Entre Preneur. Full of fun and vigor, this princess enjoyed a happy childhood full of charm and joyful memories. She pranced through her castle exploring the Realms of Imagination. She roamed the gardens and read of worlds unknown under swaying poplar trees. She even waded in the shimmering water, scooping up little creatures of mystery. Yes, this princess had a storybook childhood full of life, love, and laughter.

As the happy years passed, the child-princess grew into a lovely young woman. Princess Entre became slender and graceful with dark, flowing hair and sparkling hazel eyes. As she approached the end of her childhood, she prepared for the journey that every princess must make, the Journey of Growing Up. She left her fine King and gentle Queen for an unknown land, the Land of Coll Ege. There the princess learned all the lessons of grace and courage that could be so taught.

One day, as Princess Entre strolled though the Orchard of Bliss in the Land of Coll Ege, a handsome, young prince rode gallantly by. He gave her a smile that spoke of eternity. In that moment, her heart was freely and lovingly bound to him forever. And so Princess Entre Preneur and Prince Ed. U. Cator. were married and set to live happily ever after.

And happily ever after they did live, until the night of their first son’s birth. Medical complications threatened this young life and though he escaped death’s dark clutches, in the end, he did not remain unscarred. Princess Entre’s beautiful baby boy would have physical repercussions that would last a lifetime.

It was then that the Princess awoke from her dreams of a perfect world. Prince Ed and Princess Entre moved to the Kingdom of Re-Ality. There the Princess tenderly cared for the needs of her son. She loved him and held him and taught him to hope. Through her child, the Princess discovered the miracles of devotion and innocence—lessons she could never have learned in the Kingdom of Wash Ington or the Land of Coll Ege. The Princess discovered that real life is full of Beauty—that each person has a story and each story is wonderful and unique.

With this newfound knowledge, the Princess endeavored to share her finding with the world. She wanted people to know that their tale is one worth living—one worth sharing. So, the Princess Entre became wiser and now, as she discovers Beauty in the world, she offers it to her three beautiful children and to people like you who are living and loving their Classic Tale.

The End.

1 comment:

Aura said...

What a beautiful way of putting it. I too traveled down that road with the birth of my first sons. While my friends were busy enjoying newly married life, we were spending our time in club med (what we called the hospital). But as the years past and we kept hearing out friends complain about such benign things we realized how much more we appreciate life and the little things. Our life was put into perspective and we learned things we never thought we would learn before. My only lived 3 short years, but during that time he taught so many people how to love and care and slow down and enjoy the small things in life.