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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We're Tootin' Your Horn | Gluten Free Playdough

Cheers to Daily Candy for shoutin' out about non-toxic, child safe playdough made with all natural ingredients....by ItsMadeAtHome, an amazing Etsy Shop.

Want a little bit of Playdough history? Did you know that Playdough was first introduced as a wallpaper cleaner? Appearing in 1956, an off white pliable dough was invented as an alternate form of "modeling clay". In 1965, Mr. McVicker applied for a patent. Little did he know that this clay would someday provide hours of child entertainment...capturing imagination and developing fine motor skills in children all over the world. Remember those card board cans? 1986 brought the new plastic containers sure to keep the brightly colored playdough soft and pliable. And what is it made of? That remains a secret but we know for sure that the recipe includes wheat flour and salt (yup, salt....a taste that left a lifetime impression).

Wheat flour? You got it! And for those kiddos who are allergic to Gluten, playdough is a no, no! For you moms that want an alternative....check out ItsMadeAtHome Gluten Free Playdough. Shouldn't every child be able to engage in Playdough fun?

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Meghan Harrington said...

Hi! I just found your blog post through Google Alerts. I appreciate the shout out!