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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chaos in our house

Ok I must admit I am exhausted today!! We started the day swimming at 9am and Molly, my middle kiddo, swam by herself for the first time. What a great accomplishment. She was so proud and glowing. Then off to the grocery store, with all three, I always feel so bad for the people behind us in line and the lady checking us out. My youngest, couldn't get his Fruit Roll-Up unwrapped and had a screaming fit!! Then off for my oldest son's hair cut appointment. My darling daughter tried to help me entertain the little guy but all he wanted to do was play clean up and spread fallen hair all over the ground. Eeek! I just wanted to scream. I stayed calm....drove home, fed the kids lunch (after unloading the groceries and putting them groceries away). I put the two youngest down for a nap and asked my oldest to have some quiet time. It's peaceful now, I can take a few deep breaths and then....................it's off to deep clean the house. How is your day going? As chaotic as mine? It seems like some days, I just feel like a ball rolling down the hill going faster and faster as the day goes on. So take a break, relax for a few minutes. Even 15 min feels good!!

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