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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Business of Motherhood

To the moms of Knowing Pains:
We love your website, blog, book and TV interview. I can relate. I also became a mom in 1997, will turn 40 next year, have three kids ages 11 years to age 1, drive a mini van (that is full of crumbs half the time...ok 90 percent of the time, one of my children has a disability which is why I left career land, recently launched my "creative dream" AClassicTale.com and began a blog as well.

As if I'm not busy enough!! As I approached 40, I began thinking that even if I returned back to the banking world to continue my career....it wasn't what I'd love to do. I've lived, loved, lost and survived so much....when will it be my time? So I started my journey towards making my dreams come true. I'm learning as you have, haven't made a fortune yet?, don't really plan on it! But it's been so great to wake up each morning and touch someone else in the world. Others caring or loving a child. It's my creative outlet, my technical challenge, my therapy, my friend.

Good luck. I'll be stopping by often. For those in or near your 40's...check out BusinessOfMotherhood.com and enjoy a great read, "Knowing Pains".

Cheers to your journey,
Janelle...mom of 3, approaching 40

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